In open arms 


Verse one: 

I carry no answers 

Only sense of solitude 

Only thoughts of solemn words 

Enough to carry through  

Though I will never be there 

To grab your hands as you grow 

Cast aside our differences 

And seek cure to what"s unknown   

Give voices to all who stands

For freedom give you hands 

Some may call this unity 

I call it the end 

Truth will never answer 

The process that remains 

Only thoughts of who we are

And how we're torn apart 


I embrace the morning lights that pass 

As heaven shines across the lands 

Look onto the skies I held you as I cried 

Tears of endless love 

I just can't get enough 

Open your eyes as we begin a brand new life 

Verse two:

I'm nothing more then a burden 

A burden of your past

It fit into each moment 

That's led us to understand 

Even though  we stood unknown 

We feel helpless and alone 

Saving grace as time moves on 

How can we carry on