You turn in pure resistance 
Your vengeance very clear 
The rain falls painted black 
You bleed in no despair 
The sadness in your eyes 
Your tears full of hurt 
You hold no regret, as you watch me burn 
A life of complications 
You made the last decision 
To spare you broken thoughts 
As you neglect me 
How could you be so cruel 
Did I not deserve you 
You turn and walk away 
Your denial led by hate 

I hope you suffer just like me 
I hope you pay for what you've done 
I hope you burn in hell with me 
I hope your chained in misery 
You've caused the damaged that's been done 
You can not change the path you walk 
You're the reason I have nothing 
You're the reason I can't breath 
You're worthless just like me 
You're a spreading disease 
As written in my words 
You're soiled and empty 
You will feel the pain I feel 
You will lose what I have lost 
You'll regret what you've become 
You'll be sorry once I'm gone 

Verse two: 
The rage from your deception 
Forsaken but defiant 
Strikes your soulless heart 
Fallen with no affliction 
Now look into my eyes 
Look at who you are 
Look back hard on that day that has made you this way 
Restricted by your choices 
A glass full of poison 
Don't waste your breath on me 
You're a walking disease 
Now look into the open 
Can you feel the window pain 
Now I am the one walking away 

Chorus 3x's