Troubled game of life


Verse one:

You played the game of life 

It's time for you to choose 

Roll the dice and wonder what will be your next move 

You land on emptiness 

It's time to roll again

Now you make amends 

Moving closer to the end 

You're in trouble

Your sorrows you will drink

We're not fooling 

We warned you to think 

You have chosen to listen to the lies 

Choose the wrong way 

You will die 

Verse two:

Levity's so vain 

You think you hold the key

You weak pathetic spawn 

You'll be crushed by your dreams 

Why destroy you life 

Just throw the towel in

Times are wasting 

For a new life to begin 

Your times are wasting 

Your times are wasting 

Your times are wasting 

Verse three:

Life is not a game 

The past drives you away 

Death of life awaits you 

There's no hall of fame 

Who controls your life 

You are here to stay 

You are falling listen to delay 


The past would only bring you down 

Let's change and make amends 

Time is slowly closing in 

Soon we'll reach the end 

We are promised and awake with lies 

We're faced to move on forward 

Your troubles will always haunt you 

Don't poison yourself like I have