United we stand and fall


Verse one:

Unity prevails 

Memories are formed

Promises are made as we take our last breath 

Humanity must be legion 

Or the end will crush us and tear us down 

No chance for better 

Our history changes  

Unfinished features 

Dissembling nature 

The front line is closing in 

There is no going back 


Untied we stand and fall 

They're crying havoc to the Gods 

Screaming mercy save us all

Let tribulation raise salvation 

Dissolution to our redemption 

Confusion leads to tensions 

To the fall of a damnation 

Verse two:

A persecution validates action 

Determine the sounds of war and formation 

Armed and ready to release the sirens 

To a new written revelation 

If there's a moment to cherish

This is it, tomorrow my never come your way 

I know the outcome 

I know what's coming   

(Repeat chorus 3x )