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Record label 

  • Infacted Recordings ( Germany )


     Ruined Conflict was built on the platform of having a voice and living everyday to its fullest. Too many people go through life asleep, going day to day without goals, dreams, hopes, or ambitions . Created by music composer Xavier Morales and Eric Holzer both with a long background of electronic music and over ten years as music producers in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Working together and sharing the same views has led to the release of the debut album Armor that will mark Ruined Conflict's true musical introduction to the world. The compelling combination of rich industrial layers among mixed sounds of atmospheric melodies and lyrically driven vocals, gave the the band the tools to expand their true potential.

     Since then, Ruined Conflict has transitioned into the world of future pop and synthpop. This gave way for the music to become more personal and and giving the sound soul, by melding hook-filled melody within hard and heavy rhythm and ballads as they tell the story about how they view the world through their eyes. After 2 years the album Revolutionary Mayhem caught the attention of German label Infacted Recordings.

We have accomplished four albums and two Ep's with the label and have grown with them since. With a growing fan base the challenges ahead has motivated and influenced the band to think bigger and outside the box, as they continue on expanding and showing their capabilities through production and live performance. 

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